Best Films of 2016

With 2017 well and truly underway I wanted to take one look back at the impressive body of work 2016 had to offer and put forward a selection of the films that I consider to be my favourites of the year. Firstly, I should make clear that I haven’t seen everything that I would have wished to from 2016, and I have some catching up to do on titles such as Green Room, Sing Street, The Neon Demon, The Assassin, High Rise and some others that I missed throughout the year. I’ve heard great things about these movies, but haven’t found the time to see them yet. Despite this it was still difficult to edit my list down to what I considered to be a reasonable 25 film shortlist of my personal favourites of 2016, leaving no room for movies I enjoyed like Deadpool, Finding Dory, Rogue One, Dr Strange or Nerve, amongst others, due to the high standard set this year. (Note: A couple of the films on this list were not released in the UK until 2017, but I caught preview screenings some weeks back which allowed me to slip them in on a technicality).


*      10 Cloverfield Lane

*      A Monster Calls

*      Arrival

*      Bone Tomahawk

*      Captain America: Civil War

*      Central Intelligence

*      The Conjuring 2

*      Deepwater Horizon

*      The Edge of Seventeen

*      Hail, Caesar!

*      Kubo and the Two Strings

*      Kung Fu Panda 3

*      I, Daniel Blake

*      The Jungle Book

*      Manchester by the Sea

*      The Mermaid

*      Midnight Special

*      Moana

*      The Nice Guys

*      Pete’s Dragon

*      Star Trek: Beyond

*      Sully

*      Tale of Tales

*      The Witch

*      Zootropolis


My final list contains a healthy contrast of genre and style that outlines the best of what this year had to offer. 18 of the films that made the cut were original movies, showing that despite a popular notion that original cinema has died there are still outstanding new ideas out there. Whilst the 7 remakes/sequels that made my list were creative and engaging, made with a passion to tell a new story using established characters. From socially conscious drama’s such as I, Daniel Blake to the bombastic spectacle of Star Trek: Beyond there was a lot to celebrate at the movies in 2016. I hope you found plenty to like, as I did, and that 2017 can live up to, and hopefully excel, this year in film.


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